The main characteristics of Chinese brides are their very own shyness and the beauty. The word « chinglish » basically means delicate or tiny in size, so it is no surprise that Chinese wedding brides are small , and delicate. The majority of Westerners can be difficult pressed to discover a Chinese new bride who looks just like a model, let alone one that may competently take on an American splendor queen. However there are certain features that every great Chinese lady should have.

The key characteristic of the Chinese bridal dress up is the low waistline, normally about mid-thigh. This is why, Chinese birdes-to-be are also noted when « hong cha », which literally means small miss. However , not like western women of all ages, Chinese brides to be have a naturally slim waistline, that is why they get the nickname « small moon ». The standard beauty of Chinese brides is a little tad high, with a small , low, almost vertical jump profile, along with fragile arms, a young and skinny neckline, and passionate sight. Chinese birdes-to-be pay very close attention to proper diet.

The second key characteristic of the Chinese bridal dress is the colour of the dress on its own. Chinese marriages are typically carried out in red, for which there is absolutely no other purpose except to associate that with the soberano Chinese administration. In fact , the color red has been said to correspond to the moon, which was seen as an symbol of fertility inside the lunar this page calendar of China. Consequently , red is the color of the Chinese new bride.

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